About Limoncello



"Limoncello” is a traditional liquor of southern Italy made from the peel of lemons, and the name "Limoncello" can only be given to products that have undergone a specified production process and using only the highest quality lemons produced in Capri, Sorrento, and Amalfi in Campania region, with Naples as the capital. For Italians it is the taste of mamma, and like grappa, it is a popular after-dinner drink. It also contains plenty of vitamin C and lemon polyphenols, which are essential for beauty and health. Limoncello can be enjoyed chilled and straight-up as in Italy, or it can be applied in a variety of ways to flavor tea, yogurt, or gelato as an accent to deserts and dishes.

リモンチェッロ発祥の地Il luogo di origine del Limoncello

南イタリア、コバルトブルーのティレニア海に浮かぶ、地中海の真珠と呼ばれる「カプリ島」。美しく小さなこの島に降りそそぐ陽射しと紺碧の海に続く神秘の「青の洞窟」、白い漆喰の建物に華やかさを添えるブーゲンビリアなど、島を包み込むすべての自然のコントラストに魅了される。古代ローマ皇帝たちを始め、世界中の人々はこの島に2000年以上も恋をし続けている。 The island of Capri, known as the “pearl of the Mediterranean”, is in the cobalt blue Tyrrhenian Sea off the coast of southern Italy. The sunlight beaming down on this beautiful little island, the mysterious "Blue Grotto" that leads you into the deep blue sea, the bougainvillea that adds a touch of splendor to the white stucco houses – all the contrasts of nature embracing this island are truly mesmerizing. Starting with the Roman emperors, people from all over the world have been in love with Capri for over 2000 years.